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Services We Offer

Have you considered doing business in China but don’t know where to start with? HBN Savvy marketing team are equipped with solid cross-cultural understanding, bilingual skills, technical knowledge and vast experience in Chinese consumer markets that can offer you a hassle-free, one-stop solution to see your business grow in China! We specialize in…

Chinese Market Research & Consultancy

Help you communicate well with your Chinese audience. Provide full service in any cultural business perspective to have your business speak the language

Baidu SEO

You will experience the most qualified search on the biggest search engine in China. Improve your ranking, conduct research especially for you, give you on-site and off-site optimizations.

Chinese Web Design

To build a website that’s accepted by Chinese audience and adaptable for Chinese domain and hosting. You only need a few simple steps to build the easy to use landing page.

Baidu PPC

The best way to bring in more traffic and excellent leads to your website. Win your audience know what they need, the quickest way to enhance visitors.

Social Media Marketing

No more worries on building your social foundation in China, our services enable your business to communicate what’s popular on the market. Gives your business a lot potential room to grow too build loyal customers.

Content Production / Translation / Localization

Content is the King, translation is our means. We tailor your brand into a localized Chinese layout according to customers preference, engine friendly and content unique.

Our Method

We provide an all-on-one integrated marketing solution tailored to your business. Our current media portfolio not only limited to Baidu, WeChat and Weibo, we also work with e-commerce platforms like JD.com, Alibaba, and the largest DSP iPinyou in China. Our core marketing strategy is ROI-focused growth hacking .To help spending your advertising budget more wisely, we start from researching and analyzing the market, identifying the best opportunities, getting low hanging fruits and then further boosting targeted traffic and value by experimenting and leveraging different channels and resources.

Why China?

China now stands as the second-largest economy in the world, trailing the USA. For anyone who wants to break into the dynamic and fast-growing consumer market in China, they need to understand and leverage the huge and unique online world in China.

At the start of 2023, Chinese Internet users totaled 1.05 billion. China now has the world’s largest Internet population and the leading player in the Internet market. Promoting your brand, service, or product online is a great way to build up your brand presence and profit from the booming Chinese market.

Marketing to China online is not easy in eyes of many American companies because of the utterly different media landscape, the lack of language skills and cultural understanding, and the complex rules and strict regulations. Working with HBN Savvy, your brand will be equipped with Chinese market knowledge and intelligence, native Chinese language skills, and deep cultural sensitivity. We will also take care of necessary licensing and help you make important contacts and liaison to succeed in the Chinese market.

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