Here’s the Story.

Part 1. Begin

Our firm was founded in 2022 seeking to fulfill the increasing need for brands to build beautiful, robust shopping experiences. Magento 2 and Shopify address the demand with a fully supported, complete and customizable solution that would become the industry standard, and we’ve been right there with them since the beginning.

Part 2. The Loop

Having successfully operated businesses in consumer electronics manufacturing, online retail, wholesale, and IT/web services, We understood the complexities of the commerce lifecycle and how critical the right processes were. As an avid reader of one of the greatest military strategists in U.S. history Colonel John Boyd, the inspiration of the company philosophy came from his decision making process in continuous loop, still used in many industries today: Observe>Orient>Decide>Act>♻️ rotating in quick turnaround.

Part 3. Family Matters

Often while programming at his home office, owner’s elementary school daughter could be found hovering over his shoulder watching the screen light up with colorful lines of code. It became so routine that she began to recognize patterns and one day exclaimed “oh! oh! Daddy, ahh you made a mistake!” Taken aback quickly scanned the line, found the missing quotation mark and smiled. It was one of those rare moments where the juxtaposition of personal life and work made perfect sense, and her words would become his mantra.

Part 4. Inception

While the owner was having to come up with a totally new brand concept, his daughter could sense what is right or wrong from the patterns “very well” which can be translated in Chinese “Hao Bang Na” The words played rhythmically over and over in his head until in an instant, desperation turned into inspiration, “HBN” and her unconscious observation surpassed daddy’s computer savvy. That is how we became “HBN SAVVY”

Our Ethos

We are a 100% in-house enterprise commerce software consulting company dedicated to increasing client revenue & success based on four pillars that we have cemented into our core.

Most of our clients are price-conscious and even though they’d say our prices are beyond fair, it’s our ability to deliver on-time, according to spec, and within budget that have made them life-long partners. Although we have similar amounts of experience as our largest competitors, we simply don’t have the marketing budgets that they do. Rather than spend exorbitant amounts on advertising, we’d rather pass the savings on to you. Although it’s rare in commerce today, our streamlined operating processes across all channels enable us to be both a price leader and tier one service provider.


All of our software engineers are Magento certified and they have been engineering the platform since its first public beta release in 2007. With over 1,000+ unique Magento implementations, our experience rivals global industry leaders. Our experience stems from deep understanding & expertise in the largest e-commerce market in the world (China) and we leveraged all the best practices locally in LA, where we aim to be the #1 Magento Solution Provider in the Chinese-American commerce market based on the number of installations.


Never outsourced, our team is 100% in-house. Every member is full-time salaried (no contractors or outsourced “partners”) and works at either our Playa Vista, Pasadena, Alhambra, or Walnut office (nobody overseas or remote). Our clients have direct and immediate access to any of our designers, engineers, project managers, business development, and operations members face to face any day, any time.


We do business the old school way. More than trying to win your business, we first believe in earning your trust. We’re experts in our craft but not one-size-fits-all, so we’re bound to come across projects that could be better served by our competitors and we’ll tell you straight up. We’re firm believers in full transparency and we’ll tell you what we can and can’t do from the beginning. Honesty and trust are not optional for us, and we intend to bring old school back to business.



The first step is the easiest step, and it’s simply to talk. If by the time the conversation is over you truly don’t feel like you’ve gained any value, then we will never pressure you to go to step 2. But if you like what you hear, we’ll continue to consult with you and make sure that we scope your project accurately and set realistic expectations. One of the main reasons we’re always able to deliver projects on-time and within budget is because our consulting process is air tight.



We are scientists in our approach to development, and we have perfected the systematic process & implementation of coding and design. We believe in an iterative, lo-fidelity to high-fidelity approach, working closely with our clients and educating them every step of the way to ensure that we are engineering exactly what you want. At any point in the engineering process, our clients have full transparency into progress, updates, and deliverables like true partners.



We test concurrent with coding to ensure that by the time project is complete, it is ready to launch. We’ll make sure that all systems are go and remain green across the board so that your customers have the best user experience. If you need additional maintenance and support moving forward, we’re here for the long haul.